Technical Information

Cutting Tools

Tapping Drill Sizes  TappingDrillSizes.pdf (235kB)

Sutton Tools Sutton-Tools.pdf (300kB)

Holesaw Cutting Tools


When Tight Is Tight Enough Tight-Enough.pdf (1,998kB)

The Parable of the Inspector and The Bolt InspectorAndTheBolt.pdf (1,720kB)

Glossary of Fastener Terms Fastener-Glossary.pdf (175kB)

Bolt Tensioning Bolt-Tensioning.pdf (531kB)

Quality Fasteners & Quality Accredition Quality-Fasteners-Accreditation.pdf (536kB)

Don't Use Mismatched Fastener Components Mismatched-Fastener-Components.pdf (534kB)


Atorn Adhesive Lubricant MSDS Atorn-Adhesive-Lubricant-MSDS.pdf (67kB)

Atorn Bright Zinc MSDS Atorn-Bright-Zinc-MSDS.pdf (95kB)

Atorn Glass Cleaner MSDS Atorn-Glass-Cleaner-MSDS.pdf (74kB)

Atorn Hand Cleaner MSDS Atorn-Hand-Cleaner-MSDS.pdf (29kB)

Atorn Multi Cleaner 20L MSDS Atorn-Multi-Cleaner-20L-MSDS.pdf (99kB)

Atorn Multi Cleaner MSDS Atorn-Multi-Cleaner-MSDS.pdf (122kB)

Atorn Rust Loosener MSDS Atorn-Rust-Loosener-MSDS.pdf (61kB)

Atorn Silicone Spray MSDS Atorn-Silicone-Spray-MSDS.pdf (89kB)


The Correct Way to Fit Earplugs Fitting-Ear-Plugs.pdf (216kB)

Sun Protection Sun-Protection.pdf (202kB)