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New products now available through all Thomas Warburton branches

Through our extensive network of suppliers we are always keeping an eye open for those products that save time by making your job easier. Whether it is innovative design and application of materials, or a solution that everyone wanted but the right tool never existed, we aim to bring these great products to our customers.

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Comprehensive product range on display

Egamaster product range now available at Thomas Warburton

EGA Master is the worlds most awarded tool manufacturer, dedicated to the manufacture of high quality tools and equipment for industry and professional use, as well as highly specialised safety instruments. All of the quality EGA Master range of products come with a life-time guarantee.

Each Thomas Warburton branch has a large range of EGA Master hand tools on display including many of their innovative award winning instruments including:

  • The adjustable ‘Basque’ wrench
  • ‘Mastergear’ Combination ratchet wrench
  • ‘Mastergrip’ pipe wrench
  • ‘Unique’ tube cutter
  • ‘Kronos’ hacksaw
  • ‘Piraina’ plastic pipe cutter.

Also available is the huge range of products developed for safety applications including 1000V Insulated hand tools, Non-Magnetic Titanium range, Intrinsic Safety Products and Non-Sparking Tools including the Acetilex range.

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COMBICLICK ® Cooling & Quick Mounting System
PFERD new combiclick quick mounting system PFERD new combiclick cooling system PFERD new combiclick mounting system

COMBICLICK ® is a quick-mounting and cooling system. Designed for use with a new generation of abrasive fibre discs.

How It Works

The Backing Pad:

Either a hard or soft option to suit grinding or finishing applications. A single pad suits both 115mm or 125mm grinders.

The Mounting System:

At the centre of each pad is a rugged mounting fixture which secures the matching disc.

Place Fibre Disc:

The absence of a centre flange, enables flatter grinding & finishing, without a protruding flange causing scratches.


  • Up to 25% increased stock removal
  • Up to 30% lower workpiece temperature
  • Up to 30% longer service life
  • Save time by up to 75% through fast disc change
  • Greater user comfort
  • Reduced stress on power tools
  • Lower noise generation
  • Less vibration
  • Quality made in Germany

Acrobat PDF iconDownload PFERD–COMBICLICK® Cooling & Quick Mounting System leaflet. [1.1MB]

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1000V Safety – Insulated hand tools
Egamaster 1000V insultated hand tools

The EGA Master 1000V safety insulated hand tool range consists of double hard-soft insulation to provide maximum safety and durability. This extensive hand tool range is comprised of the following product categories:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Tweezers
  • Knives
  • Sockets
  • Spanners
  • Hacksaws
  • & Complete Electricians Kits.

They comply with the International Standard DIN EN 60 900 and are vigorously tested to conform with stipulated adherence tests including impact test, flame propagation test, dielectric penetration test and dielectric test to 10,000V (10 times the voltage specified).

They are specifically designed for the following industries:

  • Electrical installation, maintenance and repair
  • Power plants
  • Electric station and substations
  • High voltage networks
  • Low voltage networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical industry
  • Fire-fighters
  • Lighting installation and repair.

For interest in the EGA Master range of 1000V safety insulated hand tools please contact your local Thomas Warburton branch manager or enquire in-store.

Acrobat PDF iconDownload EGA Master 1000V Safety Insulated Hand Tool catalogue. [2.1MB]

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