CIMS: An Australian Industry C-Part Management System

Thomas Warburton Australia have developed CIMS; a C-part Inventory Management System which defines new standards in control and efficiency to reduce process complexity. A demand orientated system that allows you to consolidate your supply, provides certainty of price and reduced administration. A system that can be configured to your specific requirements and designed to work with you.

CIMS Australia provides a solution for the management of your consumable items and is flexible enough to accommodate any requirement you may have including: safety, chemicals, manufacturing materials, cutting tools and our speciality – fasteners and assembly products.

All transactions and stock movements are available 24/7 via CIMS online which retains your entire history including usage trends, contract pricing, bin quantities and frequency. Follow your order through the entire procurement process from scan, order confirmation, complete pick and delivery; ready to allow your production process to continue.





CIMS Australia: Simplify Your C-Part Inventory Management

C-part inventory is important to your business but it consumes considerable more time than the value of the components. Return both time and cost savings back to your business with a complete solution designed to make the entire process as simple as possible.

CIMS Effectiveness of supply is achieved
utilising these key features:

  • Multiple bin KANBAN setup managed by a web based system
  • Unique bar code on each bin allows every movement to be recorded and documented
  • Innovative modular structure designed for industrial environments, saving space and maintaining product quality
  • Stock traceability including batch control and product integrity
  • Optimal stock levels based on customer specific usage requirements with an ability to adapt to supply fluctuations
  • Access anytime with applications for smartphones and digital tablets.

CIMS: Innovative Storage Solutions

CIMS innovative modular racking solution

CIMS Racking Solution

This modular racking provides a clean, stable solution to keep your product in place with minimal space requirements.

  • Racking supplied by Thomas Warburton Australia as part of the complete CIMS provision.
  • Specifically designed for the W-KLT bin to an optimal depth to reduce intrusion into your workplace.
  • Angled shelves and closable front flap on the W-KLT bin reduces exposure to dust and particles present in a production environment by up to 80% to keep your products in optimal condition ready for assembly.
  • Modular system where you can increase capacity with additional racks which remain uniform and consistent.
CIMS innovative storage bins

CIMS Innovative Storage bins

This small load carrier is all at once innovative, flexible, space saving and secure.

  • Innovative – with a levered front flap which when closed protects your stock by minimising exposure to dust and debris that is present in harsh manufacturing environments.
  • Flexible – The flap also performs additional functions like as a visual indicator to which bin is currently in use and which is in reserve. When opened the front of the bin enables easy access to the contents and also provides a safe location for the label which is at the heart of the CIMS process.
  • Space Saving – Shelf and floor space is reduced with a compact bin when not in use and a shelving system tailored to fully accommodate as much product as possible in one location to maximise the effective use of your space.
  • Secure – Safe transport is ensured with a closed front and interlocking bins securely enclosing the product and reducing the likelihood of spillage and cross contamination during transport.

CIMS: An industry Solution from Thomas Warburton Australia

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