Quality and Business System

Important to the Thomas Warburton culture is our documented business system. We are proud to have been one of the first of all merchant distributors to have recognised the need to document our day to day business procedures and to have put ourselves through the rigorous audit procedures in the late 80's and early 90's when we gained accreditation to AS3902. Since then the system has been upgraded to AS/NZ ISO9001:2008 (Click here to view PDF). Here at Thomas Warburton we pride ourselves on quality, this is not only evident through the product we stock but also through the service we provide.  Our business system and procedures enables us to achieve a high standard and will continue to be a key focus in the future. 

Computer and Technologies

Equally important in any modern business is the need for state of the art technology upon which such functions as accounting , sales , marketing , purchasing and warehousing are so reliant. At Warburtons we are continually looking at our information systems and the technology in place in the market with the commitment to be at the forefront . Currently we utilize Digital Alpha systems into which is integrated such systems as EDI , internet and the world wide web , direct online dialup , with all branches connected back to the mainframe working in real time.