Product Detail

Cutmaster 38

Part # 12785

The CutMaster 38 combines the reliability and rugged construction of the CUTMASTER power supply design with the new, high performance 1 Torch plasma torch to create a new standard of performance for thin gauge to 12.7mm metal cutting world.
- Supply Voltage: 240 volt; Single phase 50/60 Hz
- Supply Lead: 16 amps
- Duty Cycle: 35% at 30 amps output
- Panel controls: On/off swithch RUN/SET switch, 20-30 amp variable control
- Panel instructions: AC power, Over temperature, Gas, DC Power
- Commercial cut: 12.7mm steel, stainless steel, aluminium
- Severance: 16mm
- Pierce Capacity: 6.4mm
Air pressure: 460kPa
- Air flow: 142lpm
- Packed weight: 24kg
- Power source dimensions: 400mmH x 254mmW x 533mmD
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