Product Detail

Bigstick Pre-Set Truck Torque Wrench

Part # 9028

The "BIGSTICK" Pre-Set Truck Torque Wrench is designed with the trucking industry and fleet operators in mind. With the critical torque loadings that are required to be applied to truck wheels with the view to safe operation, it is essential that the wheel fitter is aware of these critical loads and applies the required torque values in the correct star pattern sequence. Failure to do this can have catastrophic consequences in regards to wheel failure and the safety of the truck operator and other road users
- Designed for the trucking industry and fleet applications
- Massive 1.4 metre length for high torque applications
- Pre-set torque for "no hassle-quick use"
- Torque range choices from 350-600ft/lbs (480-800Nm)
- Available in 3/4" drive
- Supplied with handy storage bag
- Both the wrench and the bag have reflective strips for safe highway night use
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