Product Detail

Crc Syntex Synthetic Lubricant

Part # 17604

CRC Syntex Synthetic Lubricant is a multi purpose product formulated to lubricate and protect surfaces.
CRC Syntex is suited for both light and heavy commercial use as well as around the home and garage. It contains no acid, silicone or petroleum distillates, making it safe to use on rubber, metals, painted surfaces, fibreglass and most hard surfaces.
CRC Syntex is ideal for use on engines, marine equipment, office machines, plumbing, hand tools,power tools, hinges, gate locks, fittings and switches, it is recommended for use on all food processing equipment.
CRC Syntex is a clean, odourless and clear formula that won't wash off or dry out. It is silicone free which allows surfaces to be repainted
CRC Syntex has an extreme temperature range of -40 to +350 degrees C. Also an extremely high flash point of 250 degrees C and fire point of 300 degrees C.
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