Product Detail

Cutmaster 10Mm

Part # 69136

The CUTMASTER 10 provides the same reliability and performance you may have come to expect from the CUTMATER Series. This 30 amp unit produces quality cuts from light gauge all the way up to maximum cut to 15mm. Unlike some of it's competition, the CUTMASTER also offer's features like auto pilot restart and ATC torch quick disconnect.

- Supply Voltage: 240 volt, 1 phase 50/60 Hz
- Duty Cycle: 35% @ 30 amps output
- Genuine Cut: 10mm steel, stainless steel, aluminium
- Severance: 16 mm
- Pierce Capacity: 6 mm
- Packed Weight: 24 kg
- Power Source Dimensions: H381mm x W305mm x D610mm
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