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Beaver Big Haul Hand Winch

Part # 24677 - 800kg Big Haul Hoist -

- Each winch comes complete with 20 metres of wire rope
- All Big Haul Creeper Winches are individually packaged and come complete with a detailed operating and service instruction manual
- Each winch is fully tested and... read more

Beaver Brake Hand Winches

Part # 8860 - 545kg pulling, 270kg lifting

A wide variety of Beaver Hand Winches are available for most manual winch applications. Choose from a series of mechanical or self-locking hand brake systems and worm drive gear winches for industrial lifting purposes and general... read more

Truck Winches

Part # 15739 Clip on - 17684 Slide on

-Beaver truck winches each complete with 50mm 100% polyester webbing strap, hook and keeper, protective eye and 2 heavy duty protective sleeves.
- Complies to AS/NZS... read more