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Bessey Welder's Angle Clamp

Part # 11087

- "Gets it right first time"
Self aligns at right angles to the same or varying thickness material - flat, square, channel, round & angle profiles
- Slotted base for use as a drill press vice or in a jig
- Copper... read more

Bessy All Steel Welding Clamps

Part # 11075 - 200 x 100mm - 42587 -

Special Bessey fully heat treated profile steel rail flexes under extreme pressures for prolonged clamping life and increased safety
- Standard pressure pad for safe and secure clamping up to 65000N... read more

Comet Flashback Arrestor

Part # 75966 - Regulator Mounted - 84

Flashback arrestors are an essential safety device offering the ultimate in protection for you and your gas equipment, because it is impossible to either predict or completely eliminate the potential of a flashback
Industry awareness has... read more

Ezy-Track Weld Path Markers

Part # 17427 Combo kit (starter kit)

Ezy-Track is an ultra violet light source sensitive weld path marker, which glows when used with the special filter, highlighting weld marks and... read more

Ferrocraft 12Xp

Part # 56779 Ferrocraft 12xp 2.5mm -

- General purpose "XP seies" electrode
- Easy stiking - hot or cold
- Xtra smooth performance (XP)
- Versatile - all positional capabilities
- Ideal for down filet welding
- All positional... read more

Ferrocraft 16Xtp

Part # 74293 ferrocraf 16XTP 2.5mm -

- "XP series" E4816/E7016 type electrode
- Great operator appeal/hydrogen controlled
- Longer 350mm 2.5mm size fewer electrode change-overs and less wastage
- easy operation, reliable grade 3 weld metal properties... read more

General Purpose Electrodes

Part #

Flat, horizontal-vertical, vertical-up and overhead you can weld in any position. That's the beauty of Australia's most popular electrode
- General purpose Rutile type electrode
- Outstanding operator... read more

Leather Welding Drapes

Part # 30417 - 900 x 1800mm - 19415 -

A leather drape manufactured from selected chrome split leather is Elliott Australia's economical robust, all purpose drape
- Continuous working temp 80C
- Thickness... read more

Recoila Hose Reels

Part # 17546 Oxy-Acetylene 8mtr - 175

Damaged Oxy-Acetylene or Oxy-Propane hoses present a fire or explosion hazard. damage to hoses often occurs when hoses are left lying around a workshop floor when the cutting or welding equipment isn't actually in use, often case with the hoses still... read more

Satincraft 13

Part # 15632 Satincraft 13 2.5mm - 15

- General purpose, rutile type electrode
- Outstanding operator appeal
- Versatile - all positional capabilities
- Smooth mitre filet welds withlow spatter
- Blue flux colour for instant ID... read more

Spear & Jackson Welding Magnets

Part # 20266 - 10kg - 24635 - 15kg

- Multi angled 75, 45, 60 & 30 degrees
- 10kg, 15kg & 20kg holding... read more

T1000 Welding Blankets

Part # 19425 - 900 x 1800 - 19430 - 1

T1000 is manufactured from E Glass fibre which is a non-combustible, flexible, inorganic material that has been treated to withstand higher temperatures that the Heatshield blanket
- Continuous working temp 800C
- Thickness... read more

Welding Screens

Part # 83512 1800mm x 1300mm - 12812

- product certified to Australian standards AS3977-1991
- More standard sizes available ex stock
- Available in Red, Green and Amber Arcsafe
- Custom sizes - prices on application
- Please note that the... read more