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Lever Oil Can

Part # 30759

- Contemporary design with a dome shaped body
- Seamless drawn from heavy gauge tin coated sheet with premium powder coated... read more

Norma Aluzinc Hose Clamps W1

Part #

W1 Aluzinc hose clamps ranging from 8mm -... read more

Norma Heavy Duty Clamps - Hd Wdhc

Part #

- For where HIGH clamping force is required
- Higher torques - Higher strength
- Designed for manual & pneumatic tools
- Extended clamping range
- Solid band with rolled edges
... read more

Norma Maintenance Kit

Part # 23516 - S/S Maintenance kit -

- Full Stainless: NHC100W3
- Aluzinc: NHC100W1
- 100 hose clips
- Range 8mm to 60mm
- High sealing efficiency
- Solid band clamp with rolled edges for maximum hose protection
-... read more

Norma Pipe Retaining Kit

Part # 23505

- 85 Pipe retaining clips
- Range 9mm to 32mm
- 6mm bolt hole
- Mild steel zinc plated construction with reinforced bolt... read more

Norma Push On Connector Grab Kit

Part # 23518

- 180 Acetyl resin connectors
- Range 3mm to 10mm
- Selection of straight & T-piece connectors for tube and hose
- Acetal (POM) fittings are noted for high strength, low weight and stability with most chemicals and... read more

Norma Rubber Lined P Clamp

Part #

Rubber Lined P Clamps ranging from 4mm - 22mm.

Made in... read more

Norma Space Saver Wall Merchandiser

Part # 23502 - S/s space saver - 2350

- Full stainless: NHC130W3
- Aluzinc: NHC130W1
- 130 hose clips
- Range 8mm to 60mm
- High sealing efficiency
- Solid band stainless steel clamp with rolled edges for maximum hose... read more

Norma Stainless Steel Hose Clamps W3

Part #

W3 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps ranging from 8mm -... read more

Pistol Grease Gun - Heavy Duty

Part # 11482

- For use in confined or restricted spaces
- Release air by a half turn of the head assembly
- Extra port for adding bulk loader fitting
- Heavy duty aluminium die cast head with non-slip textured powder coated... read more

Pneumatic Grease Gun - Intermittent Action

Part # 14462

- Pressure ratio: 40:1
- Ideal for use in factory maintenance, agricultural applications, fleet service or for use on trucks connected to vehicle air brake compressors
- With intermittent operation, a single shot of grease is... read more

Powerforce 15Amp Lead With 10 Amp Plug And Socket

Part # 72695 - 10 metre - 88992 - 15

- Extra heavy duty design
- Supplied with clear moulded plug socket, Neon indicating light and insulated pins
- Manufactured to Australian... read more

Recoila Air/Water Hose Reel

Part #

-Hose ID 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
- Hose lengths up to 20 metre
- 7 Models to choose... read more

Recoila Electrical Extension Cable Reels

Part #

- 240V AC and 415V AC models available
- Cable length... read more

Recoila Hand Crank Pressure Washer Reels

Part #

- Hose lengths up to 100m
- Pressures to... read more

Recoila Hot Washdown Reel & Gun Hwg1215

Part #

- Spring rewind reel
- C/W 15 metres x 12mm ID hot water hose rated 150psi @ 85c degrees
- Heavy duty insulated washdown gun
- PVC Construction is easy to clean
- Swivel mounting brackets included... read more

Recoila Oxy-Acetylene Hose Reels

Part #

Damaged Oxy-Acetylene or Oxy-Propane hoses present a fire or explosion hazard. damage to hoses often occurs when hoses are left lying around a workshop floor when the cutting or welding equipment isn't actually in use, often case with the hoses still... read more

Recoila Steel Spring Rewind Reels

Part #

An extensive range of hose diameters and lengths... read more

Staedtler Dry Safe Markers

Part # 46095 - Black 2mm - 22332 - Vi

- Can be left uncapped for days without drying up
- Excellent smudge proof and waterproof
- Dries in seconds
- Lightfast
- Black & green are... read more

Toledo Drum Lid Opening Wrench

Part # 17319

- Designed to fit into most 2" & 3/4" drum plugs
- Compact design for easy storage
- Hardened and tempered cast aluminium for increased... read more