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Rocol Sapphire Foodlube

Part # 48233

- White tenacious, non toxic bearing grease
- Contains both solid lubricants and chemical (EP) additives for improved load carrying, anti-wear and washout properties
- For the effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller... read more

Rocol Sapphire Ultraplex

Part # 46206

A high performance lithium complex bearing grease suitable for a wide range of industrial, mining and automotive... read more

Rocol Silicone Lubricant Sl Spray

Part # 5220

A clear silicone film suitable for general light lubrication applications in clean environments such as food and chemical... read more

Rocol Spatter Release Spray

Part # 3968

- A release agent used to prevent the adhesion of weld spatter to work surfaces during welding operations
- Applications include welding nozzles, jigs and fixtures, metal surfaces, shrouds and work... read more

Rocol White Chain & Drive Spray

Part # 5217

A non-toxic white chain lubricant based on food grade paraffin oil combined with PTFE. Provides a tough, tacky thin film which ensures minimum wear of chains and sprockets without risk of contamination.
Rocol White Chain & Drive Spray is... read more

Rocol Wire Rope Spray

Part # 3953

A semi-fluid grease spray containing molybdenum disulphide. Designed to penetrate to the core of the wire rope, it also leaves a tough durable film, which provides protection against wear and corrosion
Areas of Application:
-... read more


Part # 66911 CLEAR - 66910 BLACK

A high performance industrial grade silicone sealant for use in applications where high temperature capability and high adhesive strength is important

Neutral Cure

Colours: Translucent,... read more

Sanisafe Sanitising Hand Gel

Part # 24609

- Use without water
- Dries in seconds
- Moisturises... read more

Scott Soft Interlaeved Toilet Tissue Starter Pack

Part # 17165

The preferred alternative for quality and value
High capacity system reduces janitorial maintenance
Eliminates roll waste
Single sheet dispensing improves hygiene
KIT INCLUDES: 24 x... read more

Septone Graffiti Remover

Part # 25551

- Removes in spray paint, markers, ink, lipstick in seconds
- Convenient aerosol... read more

Septone Protecta Gold

Part # 5703 - Protecta Gold 5kg pump

100% solvent free industrial hand cleaner

Contains scrubbers for effective removal of ingrained soil

With added moisturisers to help prevent skin dryness and cracking

Cleans... read more

Septone Spray & Wipe

Part # 22749 - 750ml tigger - 9300 -

- Removes grease and grime with ease
- Kills germs and bacteria
- Fresh citrus fragrance
- Ready for... read more

Sikaflex - 11Fc

Part # 4437 - Sikaflex 11FC White - 4

- Moisture curing adhesive/sealant for construction
- High bond strength
- Will bond to well cleaned old Sikaflex -11FC
- Excellent adhesion on all cement based materials,... read more

Sikaflex - 221

Part # 15822 - Sikaflex 221 White - 2

- Polyurethane industrial adhesive/sealant
- Will bond to well cleaned Sikaflex-221
- Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
- Good weathering and water... read more

Sikaflex - 252

Part # 4434 - Sikaflex 252 Black - 58

- High strength polyurethane industrial adhesive/sealant
- Bonds joints subject to a high degree of mechanical stress
- Bonds plastic and metals
- Good weathering and water... read more


Part # 4442 - Sikaflex PRO Black - 44

- One part sealant with excellent flexibility
- Will bond with well cleaned old Sikaflex-PRO
- Excellent adhesion on all cement based materials, brick, ceramics, polyurethane, epoxy, most... read more


Part # 7263 - 100 bars - 43270 - 250m

Few australian household icons have survived into the 21st Century. But good old Solvol has always been there. Through great Aussie triumphs and tradgeies Solvol has been trusted to clean the dirtiest hands of generations of Australians.... read more

Spray & Mark Paint Dy Mark

Part # 66038 - 350g Red - 83495 - 350

- A premium marking out paint
- Designed for inverted use
- Applications include construction, landscaping, civil works and surveying
- Range of accessories available

- Full range of... read more

Superclene Multipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Part # 24623 - 5L - 24624 - 20L

- Quick break, biodegradable
- Citrus solvent based
- Caustic free, phosphate free
- Penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil and... read more

Sutton Lubricating Fluid

Part # 53125

Lubricating fluid is a medium viscosity metal cutting liquid for use in reaming, tapping, drilling, and other metal cutting operations.

Sutton Tools Lubricating Fluid has been specifically formulated to:
-... read more