Chemical Compounds

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Nicholson Mini Glue Gun Kit

Part # 12794

- 240V/30W Electric Gun
- Glue dries in 60 seconds
- Perfect for bonding jobs including craft projects, artificial flowers, furniture & woodworking and carton sealing
- Bonds to paper, plastics, wood, ceramics and... read more


Part # 5718 - 1 Litre - 5733 - 4 Litr

Heavy duty, quick break solvent based degreaser
Safe on all metals and parts
Ideal for motor parts, machinery and concrete... read more

Orange Scrub

Part # 1761 - Squeeze 500ml - 1764 -

Citrus based industrial hand cleaner

With pumce for speedy removal of ingrained dirt, mud, grease, oil, paint, etc

Added lanolin to help prevent skin dryness

Ideal for... read more

Parts Wash

Part # 399

- High flash point (65 degree C minimum)
- Safe on all metals
- Suitable for use in immersion tanks
- Available in 20... read more

Protecta Care

Part # 84156 - 500ml Pump

Designed to assist the skin to repair itself
Regualr use helps prevent industrial dermatitis
Ideal for industrial and home... read more

Protecta Guard

Part # 11364 - Pump 500ml

Solvent resistant barrier cream
Designed to protect the skin from dry dusts, powders, grease, oil and solvents
Non greasy, non oily formula contains added... read more

Protecta Plus

Part #

Water repellent barrier cream
Designed to protect the skin from water, moisture, water borne irritants, acids, alkalis and wet soils
Non greasy, non oily formula contains added... read more

Rhodosil 5661

Part #

- Form-in-place gasket sealant
- High temperature resistance
- Acetic... read more

Rhodosil Rtv 922

Part #

- Industrial grade
- Acetic cure
- Excellent high temperature resistance
- Available in Black &... read more

Rhodosil V2

Part #

Specifically formulated for use within glazing and facade industries. Strong adhesion to glass, aluminium, ceramics etc. High elastomeric sealant - total joint movement of up to 70%
- Acetic cure
-Colours: Translucent, Black,... read more


Part # 12478

Burner regulation
Double motor (pump & burner)
3 high duarbility steel pistons, aluminium pump head with built in by-pass valve
automatic temperature regulation
Built in detergent tank for direct... read more

Rocol Chain & Drive Spray

Part # 3955

A high quality chain oil containing molybdenum disulphide that swiftly penetrates into pins and bushes to ensure maximum wear of chains and sprockets. Rocol Chain & Drive spray dries to a water resistant film that will not drip or throw off, providing... read more

Rocol Copper Anti-Seize Compound

Part # 47977

Formulated to a soft paste containing friction reducing solids to prevent seizing and galling of threads in corrosive or high temperature... read more

Rocol Copper Anti-Seize Spray

Part # 3954

Copper based anti-seize in convenient aerosol for difficult profiles or restricted spaces. Temperature resistant to... read more

Rocol Dry Film Teflon Spray

Part # 44665

A white non-toxic, odourless dry film lubricant containing Teflon. It provides a lubricating medium with low frictional properties and is unaffected by water, steam and most... read more

Rocol Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Lube

Part # 12002 - 5 litre - 13119 - 20 l

A non-carbonising synthetic chain lubricant which provides 'wet film' lubrication at temperatures up to 280C, resulting in significant reductions in equipment energy consumption.
Rocol Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Lube does not contain dry solids... read more

Rocol Nickel Anti-Seize Compound

Part # 9734

Provides anti-seize properties up to 1400C. Protects against wet conditions, chemical attack and prevents seizing and galling under heavy... read more

Rocol Nickel Anti-Seize Spray

Part # 55818

Formulated to prevent seizing of thread components at extreme temperatures or adverse environmental conditions. Suitable for stainless... read more

Rocol Rtd Range

Part # 40323 RTD Compound 500g - 3970

A range of hand applied metal cutting lubricants which have been developed to help reduce tool wear, improve surface finish and increase metal removal rates on even the most difficult to machine metals including stainless steel, titanium and nickel... read more

Rocol Safetap Compound

Part # 13753 450g - 14398 2.5kg

- An all natural biodegradeable metal cutting lubricant in a paste form
- Suitable for use on all metals - is non corrosive and non staining as it contains no chlorine or sulphur
- Safetap Compound is safe and pleasant to use... read more