Chemical Compounds

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Handcleaner Gel

Part # 12236 - 199ml - 12239 - 3.78 L

Use with or without water
Contains pumice for added cleaning power and lanolin for moisturising your skin
Non-toxic and Bio-degradable
Non-hazardous and Non-flammable
Removes: Grease, oil, carbon,wet... read more

Industrial Safety Towel

Part # 12235

Safer, non citrus formula
non-toxic and biodegradeable
Pre-moistened, quick, versatile
No colour and no added scent
"No Scratch" cleaning... read more

Jumbo Roll Dispenser

Part # 17187

Steel mobile trolley that is compatible with WYPALL X80 jumbo... read more

Keytite Aqua Primer

Part # 24691 - 750ml - 24694 - 1 Ltr

Galmet Keytite Aqua Primer is a water-based anti-corrosive primer for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This system provides excellent adhesion and can be applied as an isolating coat to Galmet Cold Galvanising. Galmet Keytite Aqua Primer also... read more

Kimcare Aqua Hand Cleanser Starter Pack

Part # 17177

High capacity 1000ml cartridges are easy to load and reduce janitorial servicing.
Sealed cartridges protect cleanser prior to use, preventing contamination.
Premium quality formulas to clean and care for your... read more

Kleenex Compact Towel Starter Pack

Part # 17176

Airflex fabric with absorbency cells soaks up water fast for superior hand drying
Sheets dispense fully opened for effective drying and economy
Compact modern dispensers are ideal for tight spaces... read more

Kleenex Executive Soft Interleaved Toilet Tissue Starter Pack

Part # 17170

Premium quality, preffered for superior softnes and absorbency
High capacity system reduces janitorial maintenance
Eliminates roll waste
Single sheet dispensing improves hygiene
KIT... read more

Lanotec Citra-Force (400G Aerosol)

Part # 11530

- Non conductive to 30kV
- Corrosion and rust protection
- Rejuvenates leather, plastics, vinyl, aluminium and powder coated surfaces
- General lubricant for locks & hinges... read more

Lanotec General Purpose Liqiud Lanolin (400G Aerosol)

Part # 11531

- Non conductive to 70kV
- Electrical and electronic protection
- Corrosion and rust protection
- Rejuvenates leather, plastics, vinyls, aluminium and powder caoted surfaces
- General lubricant for... read more

Lanotec Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin (400G Aerosol)

Part # 11532

- Used in harsh and corrosive environments
- Outside storage protection - acid, alkaline, water and salt resistant
- Wire rope, high speed & load bearing chains - non fling
- Battery terminals, boxes and... read more

Lanotec Type'a' Grease (250Ml Tub)

Part # 11535

- Food grade approved
- Rubber grease, non perishing, excellent belt grip
- Welding nozzle dip, drilling and cutting aid
- Metal to metal soft seal gasket
- Stops galling of stainless steel &... read more

Lavor Lkx Pressure Cleaner Lkx31

Part # 12974

- Double motor - pump and burner
- Three ceramic pistons, brass axial/linear pump head with built in (seat interchangeable) by pass valve
- Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
- Suction and... read more

Lavor Mrh24

Part # 5802

- Three steel pistons, aluminium pump head with built in by-pass valve
- Automatic stop system
- Detergent built-in tank for direct suction
- Trolley with ergonomic handle and accessories holder
- Very... read more

Lavor Super Bucket

Part # 22912

Suitable for DIY or light Industrial Use

A Lavor Pressure Washer coupled with their new Super Bucket is the only legal method to wash your car or machinery up to level 3 restrictions. when using a Lavor pressure washer from the... read more

Linemarking Paint Dy Mark

Part # 29747 - 500g Red - 30365 - 500

- Fast drying acrylic paint
- Easy application
- Specially formulated to provide long lasting lines
- Ideal for marking on car parks, factories, warehouses, sporting fields and courts

-... read more


Part # 18084

Three ceramic coated pistons
BRASS pump head (double water seal) with built-in (seat interchangeable) by-pass valve
built-in detergent atnk for direct suction
Powe cable 10 mtr
Pressure regulator... read more

Mach 20

Part # 12477

Low maintenance motor with thermal protection
Three steel pistons, aluminium pump head with built-in by-pass valve
very low noise
Automatic stop system
Built-in detergent tank for direct suction... read more

Molybond Opal Hi-Load

Part # 9061

- High quality, multipurpose, lithium based bearing grease
- Contains molybdenum disulphide
- Suitable where rationalisation to one product is desired for both anti-friction and plain bearings
- Excellent load... read more

Nature Clean

Part # 76790 50ml Pump - 7541 5L Pump

Solvent free hand cleaner with enviro cleaners
Provides high level of moisturising to the skin
Ideal for medium duty... read more

Nicholson Mini Glue Gun

Part # 12795

- 240V/30W Electric Gun
- Glue dries in 60 seconds
- Perfect for bonding jobs including craft projects, artificial flowers, furniture & woodworking and carton sealing
- Bonds to paper, plastics, wood, ceramics and... read more