Chemical Compounds

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All Purpose 'Regular' Concentrate

Part # 12231 Trigger Bottle 946ML - 1

Non-toxic and Bio-degradeable
Non-abrasive and Non-flammable
A4, A8, B2 USDA ratings
Mild 9.3 - 9.5 ph
Sassafras scent
Building/ground maintenance
janitorial cleaning: floors,... read more

All Purpose Thinner

Part # 74510 4 litre - 468 20 litre

- Suitable for acrylic or nitrocellulose lacquer based top coat finishes, primers and spray putties
- Available in 200l, 60l, 20l, 4l and... read more

Best 28

Part # 5929

Three steel pistons BRASS pump head with built-in bypass valve
automatic stop system
Detergent tank built-in for direct suction
Trolley with ergonomic handle and accessory holder
pressure regulator... read more


Part # 5741 - 750ml - 5743 - 5 Litr

Citrus based cleaner/degreaser
Quick break formula
Cleans and leaves a fresh orange aroma
Ideal in general cleaning applications and light duty... read more

Bostik - No More Nails

Part #

- A solvent based premium quality construction adhesive
- Offers excellent bond strenght to most materials including styrene foam
- Colour - Beige
- Standard carton quantity:... read more

Bostik Contact Bond

Part # 21567 - 500ml - 21573 - 1 Litr

General purpose, industrial strength contact adhesive, which provides extra strong, water resistant and flexible bond on... read more

Bostik Tg4 Electric Glue Gun

Part # 53571

- Heavy duty, trigger action, industrial standard electrically operated applicator gun designed to disperse hot melt glue to bond most materials quickly and... read more

Citra Scrub

Part # 1818 - Citra Scrub 500g - 45 -

Citrus based industrial hand cleaner

Contains scrubbers for effective removal of ingrained soil

With added moisturisers to help prevent skin dryness

Ideal for a wide range... read more

Crc 5.56

Part # 4705

CRC 5.56 is a multi purpose lubricant that has superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it cleans away scale and dirt.
Eliminates the need for many disassembly operations. Protects metals against corrosion and... read more

Crc Brakleen

Part # 4731

CRC Brakleen is formulated to quickly and safely remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake linings, pads and calipers. This product is non-staining,... read more

Crc Penetr8

Part # 17584

CRC PENETR8 is a high speed penetrant that rapidly frees rusted and corroded fasteners, pins and bound mechanisms. It helps to dissolve rust and corrosion while quickly penetrating. Penetr8 eases disassembly of mechanical equipment, fittings and fixtures... read more

Crc Syntex Synthetic Lubricant

Part # 17604

CRC Syntex Synthetic Lubricant is a multi purpose product formulated to lubricate and protect surfaces.
CRC Syntex is suited for both light and heavy commercial use as well as around the home and garage. It contains no acid, silicone or... read more

Crc Tac 2

Part # 58878

CRC Tac2 Adhesive Lubricant is safe to use on all types of chains and wear surfaces. It resists cold, hot and salt water wash off, and high... read more

Devcon Plastic Steel 5 Minute Putty (Sf)

Part # 3949

- A steel filled epoxy putty for fast general maintenance and repairs
- For filling, rebuilding and bonding metal surfaces
- Applies easily - no special tools requires
- Setup in 5 minutes - functional cure in 60... read more

Extreme 'Aircraft & Precision' Cleaner

Part # 12243 - Spray trigger 946ml -

Readily biodegradable
Non-corrosive formula
Non-flammable and non-hazardous
Meets Boeing Spec D6-17487P
VOC compliant when used as directed
Low foaming
Safe for entrance into... read more

Galmet Cold Galvanizing

Part # 5000 250ml - 59105 400g Aer

- An organic, zinc rich coatingwhich provides long term protection to steel against rust and corrosion
- Applications includes welds and damaged galvanizing, steel structures, tank exteriors, wrought iron, ducting and trailers.... read more

Galmet Duragal Silver Paint

Part # 61750 350g Aerosol - 4975 1 l

- Anti corrosive, fast dry, silver protection paint and touch up coating
- Applications include DuraGal welds, pre-primed steel sections and other iron and steel products
- Gives the appearance of a new DuraGal coated... read more

Galmet Hammered Metal Finish

Part #

- A single pack gloss enamel which, as it dries, produces a dimpled, metallic coating simulating the effect of sheet metal hammered with a ball pein hammer.
- Galmet Hammered Metal Finish protects and beutifies especially rough and dmdged... read more

Galmet Rust Paint

Part #

Rustpaint is a single pack, high gloss epoxy modified enamel specifically formulated to protect and beautify both new and old surfaces. It exhibits a tough abrasion resistant finish.
- High gloss
- Adhesion and resistant... read more

Galmet Spray Paints

Part #

- A fast dry, high gloss steel and structural enamel paint with excellent weathering properties.
- Applications include industrial structures, wrought iron, fences and gates, factory equipment and fixtures and as a general fabrication top... read more