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Metabo 12 Volt Drill/Driver Bsz12nicd

Part # 15993

Ergonomic "Z" shaped design that applies pressure directly onto the bit.
The air-cooled charger cools down the batteries fast so that they start charging earlier, saving half the total charging time.
Drills steel 10mm, wood... read more

Metabo 1200 Watt Sabre Saw Pse1200

Part # 3156

- Combines exceptional performance with ergonomic design
- The long cutting stroke cuts more stock in less time
- Electronic variable speed maintains blade speed, even under heavy load
- 4 position rear handle for... read more

Metabo 14" 2100 Watt Cut Off Saw Cs14-15

Part # 71845

- Gives fast, precise cutting of steel and non-ferrous metals
- Quick action clamp with mitre adjustments from 0-45 degrees
- Cuts: Rolled bars 65mm
Pipes 120mm
Structural steel
... read more

Metabo 14" 2300 Watt Cut Off Saw Cs 23-355

Part # 25293

- Safety class II motor for fast & easy cutting
- Adjustable spark guard to protect user
- Quick spanner for workpiece clamping
- D-handle with switch on lock for easier handling & operation
- Warp... read more

Metabo 1600 Watt Heat Gun H1600

Part # 58722

- Made in Germany
- Easy to clean filter for long useful life
- Stable flat area for standing gun up during stationary use, has a non-slip surface to ensure stability
- Versatile - 3 air-flow rates (250, 350 & 500... read more

Metabo 18 Volt Li Kit

Part # 17039

- BSZ 18 Impulse Li Drill
- ASE 18 Li Sabre Saw
- KSAP 18 Li Circular Saw
- MLA 18 Li Torch

This vesatile 18 volt kit is ideal for all trade applications... read more

Metabo 720 Watt Jig Saw Ste135 Plus

Part # 14390

- Metabo's most powerful jigsaw, made in Germany
- Adjustable 5-stage orbital cutting stroke
- Match the cutting speed to your material with the variable speed control
- Change blades without needing tools... read more

Metabo Be4010 400 Watt High Speed Drill

Part # 16123

Weighing only 1.2kg this German made drill has 6Nm torque
sturdy cup housing for long useful life
No-load speed 0-4000RPM
10mm chuck
Drilling capacity: Wood 12mm, Steel... read more

Metabo Be622 620 Watt Drill

Part # 63528

- Triple reduction gears provide high torque (35Nm) for drilling large holes in steel and hardwood. At 1.2kg its easy to handle
-The gear housing is die cast aluminium, so its built to last
-... read more

Metabo Be710 - 710 Watt Drill

Part # 3532

Ideal for engineering and metalworking applications
2 variable speeds and reverse for speed and power
Made in Germany, its built to last with Marathon safety clutch prevents kickback... read more

Metabo Bench Grinder Ds 200-25W

Part # 22311

The DS 200-25W Bench Grinder features a safety shield, tool rests, rubber feet and dust sealed switch
- No Load speed - 2,950rpm
- Wheels - 2- 200x20x20mm
- Grinding wheels - Grit: 36P & 60N
- Shaft -... read more

Metabo Bha 18Li 18 Volt Compact 2 Mode Rotary Hammer

Part # 14388

- A lightweight hammer with Li-Power Lithium Ion - weighs only 2.9kg
- Smart Pack Lithium Ion batteries, the latest technology for optimum performance and long life combined with the Air-Cooled charger which cools batteries so they can be... read more

Metabo Bhe20idr Rotary Hammer With Integrated Dust Extraction

Part # 21035

- Low weight (approx 2.1kg) and the compact design makes the machine particularly suitable for overhead use
- Compact design makes it suitable for working in narrow spaces
- Optimum weight distribution due to L-shape... read more

Metabo Bsp15.6 Plus - 15.6 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver

Part # 84339

- This 15.6 volt drill/driver has 60Nm of torque to power through your work
- Its designed for trades people who regularly drill large diameter holes in wood or metal
- Built tradie-tough in Germany for industrial/construction... read more

Metabo Bsz14.4 Impulse Li

Part # 11537

- Unique "Impulse" function makes easy work of starts on hard, smooth surfaces
- Lithium Ion batteries, lighter, stronger and go for longer
- The air-cooled charger cools down batteries fast, saving half the total charging... read more

Metabo Bsz18 Impulse Li

Part # 11536

- Unique "Impulse" function makes easy work of starts on hard,smooth surfaces
- Lithium Ion batteries, lighter, stronger and go for longer
- The air-cooled charger colls down batteries fast, saving half the total charging time... read more

Metabo Burnishing Machine Se12-115

Part # 19496

- Support handle for comfort and control
- Marathon motor
- VTC Electronics, variable speed, soft start, overload protection, restart protection
- Mandrels (M14) for working with grinding and polishing cylinders... read more

Metabo Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Kha 24

Part # 22307

- The Safety Clutch protects and prevents the user from injuries such as wrist sprains and breaks due to "kick back" when the drill bit becomes jammed
- The KHA 24 also has alloy gear housing for strength, durability and greater heat... read more

Metabo G700 Variable Speed Die Grinder - 710 Watt

Part # 69133

- Speed: 7,000 - 27,000 rpm
- Marathon Motor - extends tool life
- 1/4" Collett
- Auto Stop Carbon Brushes
- Weight; 1.8kg
- Spindle Lock; Easy/quick bit
-... read more

Metabo Khe 56 1300 Watt Sds Max Combi Hammer Drill

Part # 69132

- 2 mode; Rotary hammer drilling,
- Impacts: 2,840 ipm
- Drilling Capacity; ?45mm
- Torque Limiting Clutch
- Torque; 90Nm
- 8/14 Joules
- LED Service... read more