Fall Arrest - Safety Harness

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Aptura Self Retracting Lanyard

Part # 2185 2.5 metre - 2206 3.7 metr

MSA has set a new standard in the mechanical fall protection market with the Aptura LT12 Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL). Never before has the market seen such a state-of-the-art device with so many features. The Aptura LT12 SRL has a solid design and... read more

Fp Diamond Expanyards


In addition to the exciting features of the FP Diamond lanyard, the FP Diamond Expanyard features:
- Elastic design which reduces trip hazards and snag hazards
- 1.8m diamond expanyard retracts to 1.4m
- Certified... read more

Gravity Cross Over Safety Harness

Part # 1059 - Small - 1058 - Medium

The Gravity Crossover Harness is a multi purpose full body Fall Arrest Harness. Featuring a unique cross over, the harness is suitable for Fall Arrest from both rear and front 'D' rings, restraint, ladder climbing, controlled descent and rescue... read more

Lynx Tripod

Part # 14086

Rated for both personal and material handling.
Note: does not include Lynx hoist or rescuer... read more

Msa Removable Concrete Anchor

Part # 69135

- Ideal for construction applications
- Quick and easy to install. Can be easily removed and re-installed in another location
- Rated for fall arrest
- Compact and lightweight
- Durable stainless steel... read more

Msa Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Part # 22577 - 2 x 20mm gate double action hook

Adjustable... read more

Rescue Safe Rope Rescue Retrieval System

Part #

This universal system is designed for raising and lowering people in rescue and industrial work access and is ideal for confined space applications. The Rescue Safe Rope System features:
- Overspeed locking brake
- Hand ascender... read more

Roof Workers Kit

Part # 72689

- Gravity Crossover Fall Arrest Harness
- Polyester rope c/w rope adjuster
- 1 mtr webbing anchor strap
- Screw gate karabiner
- Back pack carry... read more

Workman Harness

Part # 69869

- Floating shoulder and leg straps
- Fall arrest rated frontal attach loops linked to a floating rear comfort strap
- Fall arrest rated, adjustable rear D-ring
- Attachment loops on the shoulders for confined space... read more

Workman Pfl Retractable Lanyard - 3.6 Metre

Part # 69134

- Durable, engineered thermoplastic housing to increase service life
- Rugged, impact absorbing protective bumpers for added durability
- Lightweight design
- Fast acting brake mechanism
3.6 metre... read more