Wrecking & Crow Bars

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    Fat Max Anti Vibe Wrecking Bar

    Part # 11068

    - Forged, high-carbon steel able to withstand 975 ft-lbs of bending momentum
    - Tri-lobe design increases strength, durability and ease of use
    - High visibility, powder-coated finish
    - Slotted claw and bevelled ends... read more

    Fat Max Extreme Fubar Utilty Bar

    Part # 18917

    - Forged fro one piece of high carbon steel for increased strength and durability
    - Two-tiered jaw for grabbing common dimensional lumber & decking
    - Tempered chisel blade for splitting and cutting building materials... read more

    Pry Bar Set

    Part # 69560

    - Manufactured from quality alloy steel for strength and durability
    - Squared shanked bars with angled heads
    - Plastic grip handles provide for comfort with a firm grip
    - Suitable for maintenance on engine... read more