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18Mm Yellow Screwlock Cutter

Part # 24746

- The popular traditional screwlock cutter
- Ergonomic body fits all hands comfortably
- Refined mechanism for ease of use
- Supplied with snapper for safe removal of blade segments
- Supplied with 3... read more

Autoloading Knife With Rubber Grip

Part # 59558

- 5 blade magazine automatically re-loads new blades
- Front loading with safety button allows used blades to be removed or turned around without opening knife body.
- Heavy duty all metal construction with smooth reliable... read more

Bahco Diy Secateur

Part # 27274

DIY Secateur ideal for pruning small flowers and shrubs. Professional quality blades ensure clean cut in live wood. Cutting capacity... read more

Bahco Secateurs

Part # 57921

- Traditional and robust design secateurs for gardening
- Pressed steel handles with wire locking clasp
- Off centre blade bolt gives slicing action
- Less force required for cutting
- Less damage to... read more

Black Panther Snips

Part # 12471

- 185mm (7") black handled snips
- Comfort grip handles
- Stainless steel serrated edge... read more

Extra Large Snap Blade

Part # 26961 -

- 8 point, 18mm wide Power-Black blade
- Extra sharp cutting edge
- Suits all 18mm large snap cutters
- Made in japan
- Tube of 50... read more

Fat Max Extreme Retractable Knife

Part # 18918

- Rugged all-metal construction stands up to most extreme uses
- Magnetic nose holds blade while it's being changed
- Textured, die-cast finish provides a slip-resistant grip
- Large, clamping dial is easy to... read more

Heavy Duty Trimming Knife Blade

Part # 83736

- Made in Sheffield U.K.
- Most popular universal trimming blade
- Dispenser qty... read more

Hi Vis Ultra Grip Retractable

Part # 83735

- The most popular Sterling retractable knife
- Ribbed body for improved grip
- Die cast zinc construction for longer life
- Large overlap above and below blade to prevent injuries
- Ergonomic shape... read more

Irwin Bi-Metal Blue Blades

Part # 13008

- Patented bi-metal technology, flexible blades wont break or shatter under pressure
- Includes blade holder which safely dispenses one or five blades
- Optimum cutting performance stays sharp longer than carbon steel blades... read more

Irwin Folding Utility Knife

Part # 22922

- Bi metal blue blade 3 times longer lasting and also shatterproof
- Heavy duty housing
- Wire stripper
- Push button blade... read more

Protouch Retractable Knife

Part # 7082

- Quick change mechanism for easy blade change
- Smooth three-position slide for variable blade lengths
- Easy tool-free push button entry
- ProTouch ergonomic grip
- Internal storage for 5 blades... read more

Safety Side Slide Self Retracting

Part # 12431

- Automatic blade retracting system prevents injury
- Suitable for both left and right handers
- Symmetrical design allows blade to be inserted upside down for left handed... read more

Sheffield 28Mm Scraper Blade

Part # 24933

- 2 edge 28mm (1-1/8 ) replacement blades
- 2 blades per pack
- Suits F1, FE1 scrapers
- Made in... read more

Sheffield Allway Handy Scraper

Part # 24932

- Compact size for small jobs in difficult areas
- 2 edge 28mm (1-1/8 ) blade
- Made in... read more

Sheffield Safety Throwaway Knife

Part # 24945

- Rounded tip blade to prevent stab wounds
- Replaceable cap with pocket clip
- Hi Vis safety orange
- Disposable blade and handle prevents accidents when replacing the... read more

Sheffield Technicians Knife With Blade Lock

Part # 38416

- Secure blade lock
- Safety roll-over feature with rounded... read more

Sheffield Throwaway Knife

Part # 47626

- Replaceable cap with pocket clip
- Hi Vis yellow
- Disposable blade and handle prevents accidents when replacing the... read more

Sheffield Touch Knife With Key Ring

Part # 24935

- Automatic spring loaded blade return
- Convenient pocket knife with self retracting... read more

Sheffield Tusk Enclosed Blade Safety Carton Opener

Part # 24929

- Rubber grip handle is comfortable and prevents slipping
- Tape slitter on back of cutter allows safe opening of cartons
- Easy blade changes, no tools required
- Suitable for cutting seatbelts, film. Shrink wrap,... read more