Liquid Storage & Transfer

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    Alemite 454600 Stationary Pump, Reel & Meter Kit

    Part # 69119

    - Includes a 3:1 ratio drum pump, 10 metre hose reel, electronic meter and a 2 metre pump to hose reel connection hose
    - Adjustable flow rates of up to 10LPM
    - 3:1 ratio pump suits 205 litre drums
    - Electronic... read more

    Alemite 62004A 400 Litre Diesel Fuel Storage And Dispensing Kit

    Part # 25438

    - Suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel fuel
    - 12V pump with automatic nozzle
    - Flow rates of up to 68LPM
    - Duty cycle of 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off
    - Low centre of gravity for stability... read more

    Alemite Clean Funnels

    Part # 27160 - 1420ml capacity - 2716

    - Available in a range of sizes to cater for differing flow requirements
    - Screw down caps at both ends of the funnels ensure that they are contaminant free for the next time you need to use them
    - Durable, versatile and... read more

    Alemite M150s Heavy Duty 12V Diesel Fuel Drum Pump

    Part # 69117 - Manual Nozzel - 69118

    - Flow rates of up to 56LPM
    - Total lift of up to 7.6 metres
    - Duty cycle of 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off
    - Outdoor year round operation possible
    - Lockable nozzle holster supplied standard... read more

    Alemite Oil Transfer Drum Pump 304600

    Part # 27159

    - Suitable for the transfer of light to medium viscosity lubricants
    - Delivers approximately 0.45 litres per stroke
    -Fully serviceable
    - Telescopic downtube makes the pump suitable for 60 and 205 litre drums... read more