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    Beaver Loadbinders

    Part # 59062 - 6mm with grab hooks -

    Beaver Loadbinders, suit 7mm/8mm lashing chain with grab hooks; complies with AS4344-2001
    Beaver Ratchet Loadbinders, suit 7mm/8mm lashing chain with garb hooks, comes with hook &... read more

    Beaver Ratchet Tie-Downs

    Part # 64001 - 50mm x 9 metre - 45102

    50mm x 9 metre Truck Load Tie-Downs; 2500kg LC, complies with AS4344-2001
    35mm x 6 metre Load Tie-Downs: 1000Kg LC, complies with AS4344-2001
    25mm x 4 metre Multi-purpose Tie-Downs with S Hooks: 340kgLC, complies with... read more

    Beaver Truckers Chain Kits

    Part # 11065

    -9 metres of Beaver 8mm Grade 70 lashing chain
    - Comes with grab hooks on each end
    - Complies with... read more