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Josco Cutting Compounds

Part # 21843 - Grey - 24036 - Brown

- GREY Cutting Compound use to "cut back" light scratch marks on copper, brass and stainless steel prior to polishing - always use with a stitched rag buff
- BROWN Cutting Compound. General purpose for use on copper, brass, aluminium and... read more

Josco Metal Polishing Kit

Part #

- Includes 1 sisal wheel, 1 grey cutting compound and 1 x 1/4" arbor
- Great for use on mag wheels, golf clubs etc
- Suits pistol... read more

Josco Polishing Compounds

Part # 58933 - Green - 21849 - Blue

- GREEN Polishing Compound. For high gloss finish on copper, brass and stainless steel - use with a loose leaf calico buff
- WHITE Polishing Compound. For a high quality finish on aluminium and aluminium alloys - use with a loose leaf calico... read more