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Bessey All Steel Welding Clamps

Part # 11075 - 200X100MM - 42587 - 25

- Special Bessey fully treated profile steel rail flexes under extreme pressures for prolonged clamping life and increased safety
- Standard pressure pad for safe and secure clamping up to 65000N... read more

Bessey Engineers & Fitters Clamp

Part # 11086

Heavy duty pressure pads that fits up to 35 degrees to allow greater clamping angles with more safety up to 1200N... read more

Bessey Welder's Angle Clamp

Part # 11087

- "Gets it right first time"
Self aligns at right angles to the same or varying thickness material - flat, square, channel, round & angle profiles
- Slotted base for use as a drill press vice or in a jig
- Copper... read more

Ehoma C Clamps

Part # 27546 - 50x50mm 750kg - 27549

... read more

Irwin Handi Clamp

Part # 13173 - 150mm - 13182 - 225mm

- One handed operation; a simple hand squeeze applies pressure
- Quick Release trigger allows for fast easy positioning and release
- Jaws designed to reach around odd shapes
- Made from strong lightweight resin... read more

Irwin Quick Grip Clamps (Quick Change Bar Clamps)

Part # 39916 - 150mm - 39918 - 300mm

- Quick change multi-positioning jaw locks on end pin or any position on bar
- Can be converted to a spreader - no tools needed
- Throat depth 82.5mm
- Superior clamping force of up to 113kg
- High tech... read more

Irwin Quick Grip Xp

Part #

- 250kg of clamping force - 2.5 times greater than other one-handed bar clamps
- Ideal for gluing applications - more than just a woodworking tool.
- Greater clamping depth of 95mm
- Can be used for real clamping... read more

Pro Clamp Large With Tommy Bar

Part # 65492

- TRE pads snap fit to prevent loss. Gives excellent friction to work surface and reduces marking
- Investment casting steel head for higher strength
-I-beam/ribbed design zinc plated serrated steel bar for higher mechanical... read more

Record Medium Duty G-Clamps Cast Iron

Part # 53749 - 75mm - 53750 - 100mm

- I-braced design, cast from strong S.G. ductile iron
- Adjustable steel swivel shoe
- Fast and smooth action twin start acme rolled thread
- Fused handle designed to bend if overloaded
- Recommended... read more