Cutting Compounds

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    Rocol Rtd Range

    Part # 40323 RTD Compound 500g - 3970

    A range of hand applied metal cutting lubricants which have been developed to help reduce tool wear, improve surface finish and increase metal removal rates on even the most difficult to machine metals including stainless steel, titanium and nickel... read more

    Rocol Safetap Compound

    Part # 13753 450g - 14398 2.5kg

    - An all natural biodegradeable metal cutting lubricant in a paste form
    - Suitable for use on all metals - is non corrosive and non staining as it contains no chlorine or sulphur
    - Safetap Compound is safe and pleasant to use... read more


    Part # 17606 75g tube - 58040 .300 kg

    Trefolex is a green coloured, active cutting compound containing a colloid. It melts slowly as frictional heat is generated. It maintains efficient lubrication throughout operations such as pipe... read more