Combination Sets & Marking Tools

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Bahco 200Mm Sliding Bevel

Part # 27272

- 200mm sliding bevel
- Blade is hardened and tempered steel
- Stock is pressurised zinc alloy... read more

Bahco 250Mm Square

Part # 27271

- 250mm Square
- 45 x 90 degree markings
- Rust proof treated
- Made in... read more

Combination Set

Part # 17640

- the world's most practicle and versatile tool, suitable for the craftsman and builder
- Cast iron construction and ground finish
- Full set contains 4 parts
- 12"/300mm rule hardened and tempered in satin chrome... read more

Eclipse Combination Set 300Mm/12"

Part # 52131

- 300mm/12"
- centre finding head & protractor centre head
- Graduated in metric and imperial
- Carbon steel... read more

Engineers Scribers

Part # 12841 - 12842 - Carbide tipped

SC Double ended scriber with hardened and ground points for marking out in confined spaces, grooves... read more

Engineers Squares

Part # 12836 - 50mm - 12837 - 75mm

- Manufactured to BS939 Grade B specifications
- Squareness accuracy 0.0001"/0.0025mm every 6"/150mm
- Precision ground blade and stock, blind riveted construction, hardened and tempered steel... read more

Figure & Letter Steel Marking Punches

Part #

Machined from selected alloy tool steel and heat treated for maximum toughness and quality impression
Each punch marked individually with size and character identifier
STANDARD: for use on brass,aluminium, copper, bronze, mild... read more

Inside And Outside Calipers

Part #

Calipers are designed to take comparative or transfer measurements and are available in a range from 75mm to... read more

Lufkin Combination Square

Part # 82508 150mm square - 498 300

- stainless steel
- Brass knurl nut and scriber head
- Sturdy zinc stock
- Metric/inch graduations
- Made in... read more

Lufkin Rafter Framing Square

Part # 82656

- 600mm x 400mm
- Made of high grade tempered steel
- Thermo bonded graduations on yellow background
- Made in... read more

Mg300 Marking Gauge

Part # 12499

- 300mm steel marking gauge ideal general purpose marking out tool
- 0-300mm range x 0.01mm... read more

Spear & Jackson Combination Square 300Mm

Part # 66891

- Imperial & Metric hardened stainless steel blade.
- Square head includes spirit level & Scriber
- Knurled brass locking... read more

Spear & Jackson Try & Mitre Squares

Part # 22326 - 200mm - 22327 - 250mm

- Premium quality stainless steel blade
- Heavy duty easy read acid etched blade
- Strong aluminium... read more

Spring Dividers

Part #

Dividers are used for marking out circles on steel or transferring measurements from a template to the workpiece.
They are made to BS3123 and are hardened and ground to facilitate marking out and are available in a range from 75mm to... read more

Staedtler Dry Safe Markers

Part # 46095 - Black 2mm - 22332 - Vi

- Can be left uncapped for days without drying up
- Excellent smudge proof and waterproof
- Dries in seconds
- Lightfast
- Black & green are... read more

Stanley Cast Iron Combination Squares

Part # 22795 - Metric - 3774 - Metri

- Cast iron profesional square
- Can be used as a try and mitre square, depth and height gauge and spirit level
- Blade etched with metric/imperial or metric only garduations.
- Machined on all faces for... read more

Steel Marking Punch Combination Sets (Type Font Set)

Part #

Gravurem 100 piece combination sets comprise letters, figures, spacers & type holder.
In one stroke a series of letters and figures can be stamped onto the... read more

Universal Bevel Protractor

Part # 17641

Suitable for measurement of angles, checking angles on fixtures, meassuring obtuse and acute angles
- resolution of 5 arc minutes (1/12th degree)
- Fully hardened and stainless steel body satin chrome plated
- 200mm... read more