Products List

Crc 5.56

Part # 4705

CRC 5.56 is a multi purpose lubricant that has superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it cleans away scale and dirt.
Eliminates the need for many disassembly operations. Protects metals against corrosion and... read more

Crc Brakleen

Part # 4731

CRC Brakleen is formulated to quickly and safely remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake linings, pads and calipers. This product is non-staining,... read more

Crc Penetr8

Part # 17584

CRC PENETR8 is a high speed penetrant that rapidly frees rusted and corroded fasteners, pins and bound mechanisms. It helps to dissolve rust and corrosion while quickly penetrating. Penetr8 eases disassembly of mechanical equipment, fittings and fixtures... read more

Crc Syntex Synthetic Lubricant

Part # 17604

CRC Syntex Synthetic Lubricant is a multi purpose product formulated to lubricate and protect surfaces.
CRC Syntex is suited for both light and heavy commercial use as well as around the home and garage. It contains no acid, silicone or... read more

Crc Tac 2

Part # 58878

CRC Tac2 Adhesive Lubricant is safe to use on all types of chains and wear surfaces. It resists cold, hot and salt water wash off, and high... read more

Lanotec Citra-Force (400G Aerosol)

Part # 11530

- Non conductive to 30kV
- Corrosion and rust protection
- Rejuvenates leather, plastics, vinyl, aluminium and powder coated surfaces
- General lubricant for locks & hinges... read more

Lanotec General Purpose Liqiud Lanolin (400G Aerosol)

Part # 11531

- Non conductive to 70kV
- Electrical and electronic protection
- Corrosion and rust protection
- Rejuvenates leather, plastics, vinyls, aluminium and powder caoted surfaces
- General lubricant for... read more

Lanotec Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin (400G Aerosol)

Part # 11532

- Used in harsh and corrosive environments
- Outside storage protection - acid, alkaline, water and salt resistant
- Wire rope, high speed & load bearing chains - non fling
- Battery terminals, boxes and... read more

Lanotec Type'a' Grease (250Ml Tub)

Part # 11535

- Food grade approved
- Rubber grease, non perishing, excellent belt grip
- Welding nozzle dip, drilling and cutting aid
- Metal to metal soft seal gasket
- Stops galling of stainless steel &... read more

Molybond Opal Hi-Load

Part # 9061

- High quality, multipurpose, lithium based bearing grease
- Contains molybdenum disulphide
- Suitable where rationalisation to one product is desired for both anti-friction and plain bearings
- Excellent load... read more

Rocol Chain & Drive Spray

Part # 3955

A high quality chain oil containing molybdenum disulphide that swiftly penetrates into pins and bushes to ensure maximum wear of chains and sprockets. Rocol Chain & Drive spray dries to a water resistant film that will not drip or throw off, providing... read more

Rocol Copper Anti-Seize Compound

Part # 47977

Formulated to a soft paste containing friction reducing solids to prevent seizing and galling of threads in corrosive or high temperature... read more

Rocol Copper Anti-Seize Spray

Part # 3954

Copper based anti-seize in convenient aerosol for difficult profiles or restricted spaces. Temperature resistant to... read more

Rocol Dry Film Teflon Spray

Part # 44665

A white non-toxic, odourless dry film lubricant containing Teflon. It provides a lubricating medium with low frictional properties and is unaffected by water, steam and most... read more

Rocol Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Lube

Part # 12002 - 5 litre - 13119 - 20 l

A non-carbonising synthetic chain lubricant which provides 'wet film' lubrication at temperatures up to 280C, resulting in significant reductions in equipment energy consumption.
Rocol Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Lube does not contain dry solids... read more

Rocol Nickel Anti-Seize Compound

Part # 9734

Provides anti-seize properties up to 1400C. Protects against wet conditions, chemical attack and prevents seizing and galling under heavy... read more

Rocol Nickel Anti-Seize Spray

Part # 55818

Formulated to prevent seizing of thread components at extreme temperatures or adverse environmental conditions. Suitable for stainless... read more

Rocol Sapphire Foodlube

Part # 48233

- White tenacious, non toxic bearing grease
- Contains both solid lubricants and chemical (EP) additives for improved load carrying, anti-wear and washout properties
- For the effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller... read more

Rocol Sapphire Ultraplex

Part # 46206

A high performance lithium complex bearing grease suitable for a wide range of industrial, mining and automotive... read more

Rocol Silicone Lubricant Sl Spray

Part # 5220

A clear silicone film suitable for general light lubrication applications in clean environments such as food and chemical... read more