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All Purpose Thinner

Part # 74510 4 litre - 468 20 litre

- Suitable for acrylic or nitrocellulose lacquer based top coat finishes, primers and spray putties
- Available in 200l, 60l, 20l, 4l and... read more

Galmet Cold Galvanizing

Part # 5000 250ml - 59105 400g Aer

- An organic, zinc rich coatingwhich provides long term protection to steel against rust and corrosion
- Applications includes welds and damaged galvanizing, steel structures, tank exteriors, wrought iron, ducting and trailers.... read more

Galmet Duragal Silver Paint

Part # 61750 350g Aerosol - 4975 1 l

- Anti corrosive, fast dry, silver protection paint and touch up coating
- Applications include DuraGal welds, pre-primed steel sections and other iron and steel products
- Gives the appearance of a new DuraGal coated... read more

Galmet Hammered Metal Finish

Part #

- A single pack gloss enamel which, as it dries, produces a dimpled, metallic coating simulating the effect of sheet metal hammered with a ball pein hammer.
- Galmet Hammered Metal Finish protects and beutifies especially rough and dmdged... read more

Galmet Rust Paint

Part #

Rustpaint is a single pack, high gloss epoxy modified enamel specifically formulated to protect and beautify both new and old surfaces. It exhibits a tough abrasion resistant finish.
- High gloss
- Adhesion and resistant... read more

Galmet Spray Paints

Part #

- A fast dry, high gloss steel and structural enamel paint with excellent weathering properties.
- Applications include industrial structures, wrought iron, fences and gates, factory equipment and fixtures and as a general fabrication top... read more