Products List

Cutskill 35A

Part # 19373

The Cutskill 35A inverter based air plasma cutting system operates on 240V single phase power and is designed for the 12mm cutting market. This economical system is a favourite for auto body repair, light duty maintenance, and sheet metal fabrication and... read more

Electronically Controlled Soldering Iron

Part # 14196

- Ideal for production, rework and repair through hole SMT boards, some ground planes and multi-layer boards
- Digital microprocessor temperature control with LED display
- Wireless temperature lockout
- Automatic... read more

Elliott Wakatac Proban

Part #

- Elliott Wakatac Proban is an altenative to leather for light to medium welding situations Wakatac Proban is cool, washable and a flame retardent fabric
- The Wakatac range offers many options from Harness accessibility to Hi Viz with... read more

Ezy-Track Weld Path Markers

Part # 17427 Combo kit (starter kit)

Ezy-Track is an ultra violet light source sensitive weld path marker, which glows when used with the special filter, highlighting weld marks and... read more

Ferrocraft 12Xp

Part # 56779 Ferrocraft 12xp 2.5mm -

- General purpose "XP seies" electrode
- Easy stiking - hot or cold
- Xtra smooth performance (XP)
- Versatile - all positional capabilities
- Ideal for down filet welding
- All positional... read more

Ferrocraft 16Xtp

Part # 74293 ferrocraf 16XTP 2.5mm -

- "XP series" E4816/E7016 type electrode
- Great operator appeal/hydrogen controlled
- Longer 350mm 2.5mm size fewer electrode change-overs and less wastage
- easy operation, reliable grade 3 weld metal properties... read more

Flashmaster Welding Helmet

Part # 61598

- Ideal for electrical welding
- made from polypropylene to combine strength, lightweight and chemical resistance
- Replaceable CR39 cover elns protecting filter
- Impact resistant clear polycarbonate backing lens... read more

General Purpose Electrodes

Part #

Flat, horizontal-vertical, vertical-up and overhead you can weld in any position. That's the beauty of Australia's most popular electrode
- General purpose Rutile type electrode
- Outstanding operator... read more

G-Flex Cr

Part # 3671 - Size 7 - 3676 - Size 8

- Lightweight Kevlar Lycra blend liner
- Finger dip technology gives total ventilation to the back of hand
- Excellent comfort and dexterity
- Protects from nicks and... read more

Golden Chief Welding Jacket

Part # 12802 Small - 12804 Medium

- premium Gold Pig split leather
- Lightweight and extremely durable
- Kevlar stitched
- Full range of Golden Chief Welding Apparel... read more

Kevlar Blue Welding Gloves

Part # 20909

All the features of the famous Kevlar Blue Gauntlet to a length of 406mm for heavy duty... read more

Kevlar Blue Xt Welding Gloves

Part # 14405

All the features of the famous Kevlar Blue extended to a length of 680mm for heavy duty... read more

Leather Welding Drapes

Part # 30417 - 900 x 1800mm - 19415 -

A leather drape manufactured from selected chrome split leather is Elliott Australia's economical robust, all purpose drape
- Continuous working temp 80C
- Thickness... read more


Part # 82786

- The original one and only Lefties? two left hand welding gloves
- Fully lined
- Length 406mm
- Wear seams welted for extra... read more

Mechanics Gloves

Part # 11512 - Large - 11521 - Extra

- Soft Durable synthetic leather palms
- High Visibility Spandex back
- Silver reflective tape
- Griper strips on finger... read more

Predator Welding Helmet

Part # 20017

- Predator is a state of the art welding helmet that is heat and water resistant whilst providing high strength
- Predator has excellent ventilation inside the helmet and will fit all lens sizes via a unique lens pack system
-... read more

Primus Handyman Pack Bj2102

Part # 14227

- Handyman kit with hose and handpiece
- General purpose kit
- Includes handyman pack Bj2100
- Handpiece
- 2m hose
- connecting valve
- Packed in sturdy metal... read more

Primus Handyman Packs Bj2101

Part # 60759

- Handyman kit with refillable cylinder
- General purpose kit
- Includes handyman pack (BJ2100)
- Connecting valve
- Medium burner
- Pinpoint burner
- Fantail burner... read more

Proban Hood

Part # 12811

Yellow Proban shoulder length with gussets and draw string... read more

Recoila Hose Reels

Part # 17546 Oxy-Acetylene 8mtr - 175

Damaged Oxy-Acetylene or Oxy-Propane hoses present a fire or explosion hazard. damage to hoses often occurs when hoses are left lying around a workshop floor when the cutting or welding equipment isn't actually in use, often case with the hoses still... read more