Products List

Leather Palm Candy Stripe

Part # 27867

- Candy stripe back
- Knuckle bar
- Palm... read more

Leather Polisher

Part # 41310

- Double leather palm & thumb/forefinger
- Canvas back & cuff... read more

Leather Riggers

Part # 22658

- 27mm length
- Insewn... read more

Limited Space

Part # 3590

This slimline satchel provides spill response when space is limited
Contents Include
- 1 x 2m sock
- 1 x 5kg Absorbent 15
- 1 x gloves
- 1 x garbage bag
- 5 x cotton... read more

Lynx Tripod

Part # 14086

Rated for both personal and material handling.
Note: does not include Lynx hoist or rescuer... read more

Mandatory Signs

Part #

AS1319 specifies that these signs shall be a blue basic disc with the symbol in white. The word MUST is usually contained in the message


Mens Cotton Drill

Part # 27869

- 7 oz Material
- Blue knitted... read more

Misting Kits

Part # 15525 - 5 nozzle - 22930 - 7 n

- Creates an ultra-fine mist to provide instant cooling
- Mist quickly evaporates, therefore no puddles
- 5 or 7 nozzles
- High quality brass nozzles
- Operates with normal mains water pressure (no need... read more

Msa Breathable Rainwear

Part #

Specially designe material that keeps the wearer comfortable whilst at the same time prevents rain or watering from penetrating the garment. Being fully breathable the garment allows smaller water vapour molecules of perspiration to escape through the... read more

Msa Covtech Overalls

Part # 20698 - Small - 20700 - Medium

- CE Certification Cat 3 complex design
- Anti-static EN 1149-1
Particle protection (CE Type 5)
- Silicone free/ultra low tinting
- Durable ISO 9073-4
- Strong/abrasion resistant... read more

Msa Custom Branded Caps

Part #

- Apply your company logo to safety caps
- Various locations and colours available
- Rear logo's available for CoolGard & V-Gard... read more

Msa Fogtech

Part # 22573 - 100 wipes (boxed) - 22

FOGTECH Advanced One-Step Anti-Fog was developed specifically to prevent fogging on today's high tech plastics and glass, providing crystal clear vision through safety goggles, glasses, prescription lenses or face shields. Our advanced ingredients enable... read more

Msa Removable Concrete Anchor

Part # 69135

- Ideal for construction applications
- Quick and easy to install. Can be easily removed and re-installed in another location
- Rated for fall arrest
- Compact and lightweight
- Durable stainless steel... read more

Msa Shape Shifter

Part # 22559 - Clear - 22561 - Smoke

- advanced Anti-Fog caoted (on clear, amber and smoke)
- Rx adaptable
- UV 400 polycarbonate lenses
- Hard coated
Various lens shades
- Clear, Smoke, Amber, Blue Mirror & Light Silver... read more

Msa Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Part # 22577 - 2 x 20mm gate double action hook

Adjustable... read more

Notice Signs

Part #

These signs do not comply with Australian Standards but are supplied due to poular demand. They are used to convey information of a good nature


Order Picker

Part # 15590 3' - 15994 6'

- Designed for moderate stock pick applications
- Available in 8 sizes from 3' to 12'
- NEW 900mm handrail on 3 sides of work platform
- Large platform 510 x 500mm
- 100mm kickplate on 3 sides for extra... read more

Pcdp Aluminium 150Kg Ladders

Part # 15843 6'/10' - 15845 7'/12'

- 150kg heavy duty Industrial Dual Purpose ladder
- NEW patented top cap design with patented "Quick Release" button allows to be converted from step ladder to straight ladder with the press of a button (no catches/clips required)... read more

Peltor Headband Earmuff

Part # 23037

A mid range earmuff designed to provide balance between performance and comfort. Slim earcup design, soft foam cushions and stainless steel headband wires combine to provide lightweight, comfortable and effective protection against noise levels. Designed... read more

Polka Dot Kinitted Cotton

Part # 64463

- PVC Dotted
- Hem... read more