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Rhodosil 5661

Part #

- Form-in-place gasket sealant
- High temperature resistance
- Acetic... read more

Rhodosil Rtv 922

Part #

- Industrial grade
- Acetic cure
- Excellent high temperature resistance
- Available in Black &... read more

Rhodosil V2

Part #

Specifically formulated for use within glazing and facade industries. Strong adhesion to glass, aluminium, ceramics etc. High elastomeric sealant - total joint movement of up to 70%
- Acetic cure
-Colours: Translucent, Black,... read more


Part # 66911 CLEAR - 66910 BLACK

A high performance industrial grade silicone sealant for use in applications where high temperature capability and high adhesive strength is important

Neutral Cure

Colours: Translucent,... read more

Sikaflex - 11Fc

Part # 4437 - Sikaflex 11FC White - 4

- Moisture curing adhesive/sealant for construction
- High bond strength
- Will bond to well cleaned old Sikaflex -11FC
- Excellent adhesion on all cement based materials,... read more

Sikaflex - 221

Part # 15822 - Sikaflex 221 White - 2

- Polyurethane industrial adhesive/sealant
- Will bond to well cleaned Sikaflex-221
- Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
- Good weathering and water... read more

Sikaflex - 252

Part # 4434 - Sikaflex 252 Black - 58

- High strength polyurethane industrial adhesive/sealant
- Bonds joints subject to a high degree of mechanical stress
- Bonds plastic and metals
- Good weathering and water... read more


Part # 4442 - Sikaflex PRO Black - 44

- One part sealant with excellent flexibility
- Will bond with well cleaned old Sikaflex-PRO
- Excellent adhesion on all cement based materials, brick, ceramics, polyurethane, epoxy, most... read more

Z Bond 616 Silicone Sealant

Part #

A general purpose silicone sealant. Its good adhesion to masonry, concrete, timber and painted aluminium make it an ideal multi-purpose sealant. It has the same exceptional weather resistance, as our other silicone sealants.
- Neutral cure... read more

Z Bond No Nails

Part # 34392

A solvent based premium quality construction adhesive

Offers excellent bond strength to most materials including styrene foam
Colours:... read more

Z Bond Plumbers Roof & Gutter

Part #

A rapid curing sealant designed for use on most common roofing and wall cladding materials such as aluminium, zinc, galvanised surfaces, Zincalume, etc. For use where typical lap joints occur to guttering and ridge capping
- Neutral cure... read more