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Spot On M24 Rotating Green Laser

Part # 27826

- High visibility 'green' laser
- Horizontal & vertical manual levelling
- Single person operation with remote
- 500m outdoor range with detector
- Sturdy construction
- 3 year warranty... read more

Spot On Optical Level Package 0132

Part # 27825

- 32x magnification
- Accuracy: 1mm @ 1km
- Objective lens 38mm
- Fits flat or domed tripod
- 3 year warranty (conditions apply)

- Builders
-... read more

Spot On Powerline Digital Angle Measurer

Part # 30105

- 0 & 90 vials
- Easy to read digital display
- Measures in tenths (0.0)
- Artificial zero function
- Built-in laser generator (dot, line and crossline)

-... read more

Spot On Xl2 Crossline Laser

Part # 69873

Crossline laser with 1 horizontal and 2 verticle (offset at 90 degrees) lines giving plumb up, plumb down dot. Unit comes with detector for external use. Great laser for fabricators, engineers or building fit-out with easy to see lines, 360 degree unit... read more

Spring Dividers

Part #

Dividers are used for marking out circles on steel or transferring measurements from a template to the workpiece.
They are made to BS3123 and are hardened and ground to facilitate marking out and are available in a range from 75mm to... read more

Stabila Magnetic Torpedo

Part # 75785

Levels with permanently fixed vials, milled measuring surfaces, non distorting easy view vials lasting accuracy
- Also suitable for normal and upside measuring
- 250mm level with diecast... read more

Stabila Trade Levels

Part # 17916 - 600mm - 50755 - 800mm

- Levels with permanently fixed vials, milled measuring surfaces, non distorting easy view vials lasting accuracy
- Also suitable for normal and upside measuring
- Sturdy ribbed box frame level with wider rail for improved... read more

Staedtler Dry Safe Markers

Part # 46095 - Black 2mm - 22332 - Vi

- Can be left uncapped for days without drying up
- Excellent smudge proof and waterproof
- Dries in seconds
- Lightfast
- Black & green are... read more

Stanley Cast Iron Combination Squares

Part # 22795 - Metric - 3774 - Metri

- Cast iron profesional square
- Can be used as a try and mitre square, depth and height gauge and spirit level
- Blade etched with metric/imperial or metric only garduations.
- Machined on all faces for... read more

Stanley Laser Combo Pack Rl350gl

Part # 21470

- New stanley RL350GL Laser (77-227)
- Stanley aluminium tripod 119cm-292cm (77-164)
- Stanley laser detector (77-169)
- Retractable grade rod 5m... read more

Steel Marking Punch Combination Sets (Type Font Set)

Part #

Gravurem 100 piece combination sets comprise letters, figures, spacers & type holder.
In one stroke a series of letters and figures can be stamped onto the... read more

Suttons Engineers Black Book

Part # 55409

- This easy to use Pocket Book contains a wealth of useful, practical and hard to find information.
- Complete refernce... read more

Universal Bevel Protractor

Part # 17641

Suitable for measurement of angles, checking angles on fixtures, meassuring obtuse and acute angles
- resolution of 5 arc minutes (1/12th degree)
- Fully hardened and stainless steel body satin chrome plated
- 200mm... read more

Vernier Caliper

Part # 78044 150mm - 17633 200mm

- For measuring inside, outside, step and depth
- Resolution 0.02mm/0.001" in metric/imperial series and 0.02mm in metric series
- manufactured from hardened stainless steel satin chrome plated
- Quick action... read more

Vernier Caliper

Part # 17625 150mm - 12333 200mm

- For measuring inside, outside, step and depth
- Instant metric/imperial conversion
- Resolution 0.01mm/0.0005"
- accuaracy +/- 0.03mm - +/- 0.001"
- Zero in any position
- Manufactured... read more

Vertex 52 Pc Steel Clamping Kit

Part #

- Heat treated steel black oxide finish
- Block size 1" (25mm) set in plastic rack
- 24 pcs Studs (4 ea 3/4/5/6/7/8 inches or 75/100/125/150/175/200mm)
- 6 pcs T-nuts
- 4 pcs... read more

Warren & Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches

Part # 24519 - 1-22Nm - 24518 - 5-110

These world renowned Dual-Signal Torque Wrenches employ the principal of applying torque to a deflecting beam rather than a spring. This helps prolong wrench life, with a greater safety margin at maximum loading and provides more consistent and accurate... read more

Warren & Brown Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench

Part # 8808 - 3.9-22Nm

Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrenches (click type) have many industrial, automotive and aircraft uses. These wrenches have easy to read precision laser marked scales. To set the desired torque, simply pull down the lock ring and turn the handle to the... read more