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Live Centres Heavy Duty

Part #

Triple ball bearing construction, high speed steel
Size Range: 1MT to... read more

Lufkin Big Boss Tape

Part # 69125

- Extra wide (8m x 30mm tape) blade for increased stiffness and rigidity
- Quad end hook and durable coating for longer blade life
- Co-moulded ergonomically designed case for improved grip and comfort
- Heavy duty... read more

Lufkin Combination Square

Part # 82508 150mm square - 498 300

- stainless steel
- Brass knurl nut and scriber head
- Sturdy zinc stock
- Metric/inch graduations
- Made in... read more

Lufkin Ezy-Read Tape 8M

Part # 45436

- each numeral on the tape is totally distinct from other numbers
- This enables excellent definition and makes it difficult to misread the measurement
- Perfect for measuring applications where the tape is directly away from... read more

Lufkin Fluorolok Tapes

Part # 56012 8m/26' - 25mm blade - 77

- Colourful Fluorolok Tapes available in Metric or Metric/English
- Fluorolok coloured tapes can be found at a glance and stand out in the tool... read more

Lufkin Measuring Wheel - Contractor

Part # 56741

- Large diameter wheel for best accuracy on rough surfaces
- Long distance - up to 9,999 metres
- Measures straight or curved surfaces
- Heavy duty wheels
- Curved telescopic handle
- Wheel... read more

Lufkin Multi Read Tape

Part # 3765 6mtr - 15990 9mtr

- Scales are synchronised on one face of the tapeline
- Sure toggle lock button and over centre lock-shoe
- Small 3 inch compact tape case in two versions
- Left or right handed tapes using seperate outer scales... read more

Lufkin Rafter Framing Square

Part # 82656

- 600mm x 400mm
- Made of high grade tempered steel
- Thermo bonded graduations on yellow background
- Made in... read more

Lufkin Ultimate Tape

Part # 62047 - 19mm wide - 5m/16' - 6

- All new easy to read white tapeline, fully guaranteed
- Accurate measurement - complies with AS1290-4 1995
- In an easy read black and red print on all new white tapeline
- reinforced Ultrahook on 25mm & 19mm wide... read more

Lufkin Unilok Tape

Part # 32728 - 19mm wide - 5m/16' - 3

... read more

Lufkin Universal Tape Steel Blade

Part # 8236 Metric - 8235 Imperial

- High impact polystyrene case
- Yellow clad blade .005"/0.13mm thick
- Easy wind nylon drum
- Easy-to-read black and red markings
- Hook ring is retained neatly in the contoured mouth of the case... read more

Lufkin Xl Power Tapes

Part # 23613 - 10m/33' - 50416 - 10m

- 25mm wide blade
- Hi-Viz case with rubber wrap around grip
- A full 10m of tape line for longer distances
- Robust construction for continued... read more

Metric/Imperial Double Sided

Part # 23889 150mm x 6" - 23890 3

- One square end and one end rounded with hanging hole
- Superior... read more

Mg300 Marking Gauge

Part # 12499

- 300mm steel marking gauge ideal general purpose marking out tool
- 0-300mm range x 0.01mm... read more

Micrometer Adjustable Flex-Head Torque Wrench

Part # 9021

This wrench is in the same series as the Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench but has a flexible ratchet head that pivots 15 degrees either side of the centreline. The Flex-Head Torque Wrench gives the ability to access areas that would normally be... read more

Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic Caliper

Part # 58860 - 6"/150mm - 15538 - 8"/

Mitutoyo's Absolute Digimatic Caliper is the next generation of electronic calipers. It keeps track of the origin point once set. Whenever turned on, the large LCD screen display the actual slider position ready to start measurement. No more repeated... read more

Mitutoyo Absolute Ids Series Digimatic Indicator - Series 543

Part # 66051 - Metric - 24052 - Metri

The IDS Series Digimatic Indicator offers simple, error-free digital readings in a basic and economical package
- Measurement error due to spindle over-speed is eliminated with the ABSOLUTE Encoder
- As... read more

Mitutoyo Coolant Proof Digimatic Calipers

Part # 73188 - 500-672 - 5025 - 500-

Range: 6"/150mm
Resolution: .0005"/0.01mm
Range: 8"/200mm
Resolution:... read more

Mitutoyo Dial Caliper - Series 505

Part # 23008

- New designed dial movement for ultra smooth sliding and high shock protection
- Titanium coating is applied to the sliding surface for strength and durability
- Can measure OD, ID, depth and steps... read more

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator Series 2

Part # 23016

Series 2 Dial Indicators are Mitutoyo's most popular and have the widest application. Especially the "one revolution" Dial Indicator developed for in-processing measuring. This indicator features a hand that makes only one revolution through the entire... read more